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Cleaning and Prevention

Your gum health and complete oral health is very important to us. Our entire staff is highly trained and educated to provide you with the best treatment and recommendations to keep you healthy and happy. 

Routine Cleanings

A regular dental cleaning, or prophylaxis, is the ideal treatment for patients with gingivitis. Gingivitis is inflammation of your gum tissue only; this is most likely caused by plaque and bacteria building up along the gum line. This can be well-controlled with routine cleanings and instruction from the hygienist to improve your home care if needed.   

Deep Cleanings

Deep cleanings, also called scaling and root planning, is needed when periodontitis is present. Periodontitis is inflammation and infection which has spread from the gum tissue into the underlying bone. It can be generalized or localized within your mouth. During scaling and root planing, the hygienist cleans deeper under the gum tissue.  This requires them to anesthetize (numb) the area to be cleaned for patient comfort. After a deep cleaning we like to have the patient back for a follow up appointment to check how the gum tissue responded to treatment.

Dental Sealants

A dental sealant is a flowable fluoride-releasing dental material that is used to cover (seal) deep grooves, fissures, and pits at high risk of forming tooth decay. They are quick and painless to place with no need for dental anesthetic (numbing).

Fluoride Varnish

A fluoride varnish is a highly concentrated fluoride paste applied to your teeth, usually after a cleaning, to help strengthen and protect your teeth from cavities. Fluoride Varnishes are also very effective in providing temporary relief from some tooth sensitivity.

Home Care Tips

Dr. Melzer has compiled a list of oral health care tips that you can implement on your own to improve your oral health outside of the dental office.

  • Brush 2x/ day using fluoride toothpaste

  • Fluoride mouthwash once per day

  • Increase the amount of arginine in your diet. 

  • Use Xylitol daily

  • Licorice root and Cranberry extract help fight decay